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Get solutions for your damaged teeth from our experienced staff. We provide comprehensive crown and bridge fittings for your every need in our comfortable and relaxing office. You can rely on our dental health professionals for quality care.


Don't ignore your missing teeth - their absence could lead to periodontal disease or other dental health concerns.

First, we will anesthetize your tooth and either file it down or "build" it up with filling material according to your specific needs. Once the reshaping is done, we will take an impression and create a temporary crown. Your permanent crown will arrive in about 2 to 3 weeks.

Our crown process

Don't let gaps in your teeth result in shifting or rotation. We create bridges which can be cemented into place for optimum functionality and aesthetic appeal. Two crowns will also be placed on the teeth on either side of the gap to serve as anchors for the bridge.

Our bridge process

We offer both metal and porcelain crowns, as well as acrylic temporary options for your convenience, and our bridges come in porcelain and ceramic which can be matched to the exact color of your teeth.

Our high quality dental materials

Crowns and bridges